It can be difficult to determine why a student's program isn't working; here are some tips to help you help them.

First check their solution. Solutions for all levels can be found on Course Guides (or Unit Guides is using Ozaria) page in your Teacher Dashboard. To see solutions, scroll down to the course your student is in and click on the button for the language you're using.

Sometimes, you'll look at a solution and the student's code and not see a difference. Often times this is due to a simple spelling error, like spelling the "enemy" variable differently in the code. Here's an example:

Most of the time, CodeCombat will spot the error, and put up some sort of warning for the student, but sometimes the error may be syntactically correct and our system may not spot it. 

We have hints or tips on every level, which can sometimes help you spot the error, but for those times where neither the hints or a line-by-line reading of the code helps you, you can turn to one of my secret weapons: the diff checker.

A diff utility will compare two files and show you the differences. We don't have this built into CodeCombat (yet), so the next best option is an online diff checker. Here is a popular one that is easy to find: 

You can copy the code your student has written into one field and the solution into the other and then click the "Find Difference" button:

And now that it's highlighted, you wonder how you missed that error!

Now there is more than one solution for many of our levels, especially as students move into the more advanced courses, so students may try a different, but equally valid way to complete a level. 

Finally, if you've checked the solution and still don't see what's wrong, you can always email [email protected] (or [email protected]) for assistance.

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