You can assign courses to your students with a few clicks of the mouse. You'll have to be in the Class view in order to assign courses, so first head to your Teacher Dashboard.

Click "view class" for the class you want to work on.

Scroll down to your list of students. 

Find any students you wish to enroll in an addition course and click the check box next to their names. Clicking the check box next to "Select All" will select all your students. 

Select the course you want to assign from the Bulk-assign drop down menu -- in the example above, I've selected Computer Science 3.

Finally, click the "Assign to Selected Students" button.

The system will automatically apply one of your licenses to the students if needed.

If you've already used a license on a student, no additional license will be required for additional courses until the original license expires.

If you do not have any licenses, the system will let you know how many you have and how many you would need to complete the course assignment you just attempted.

Full licenses are required to allow students to access Computer Science 3 through 6, Web Development 2, and Game Development 2 (plus newly released courses).

Full or Starter licenses can be used to grant students access to Web Development 1, Game Development 1, and Computer Science 2, 

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