There are two manual ways students can join your class. These will be discussed below. We do now also offer student account creation via your teacher account using google classroom linking; for more information click here. All options will be the same for both CodeCombat and Ozaria.

Students can join your class using the unique Class Code generated for each of your classes.

To find your unique Class Code, click the "View Details" link listed below each class.

Depending on your screen size, the class code will be listed to the right or just below the Class Overview.

Clicking the copy buttons will copy the Class Code or Class URL into your computer's buffer so you can paste them into emails, a shared class web site, or anywhere else.

If you share the class code with your students, they will need to do the following to join the class:

Go to and make sure they're logged out.
Click the "I'm a Student" button.

This will take them to the Create Student Account modal -- they will need to enter in your Class Code here:

Once they've entered the Class Code, the page will update to show your name and the name of your class:

They can then create their account, adding a username and password and then selecting a hero. 

Using the Class URL is even more powerful. Share that URL with your students, and if they use it it will prompt them to create their student account and add them to your class automatically when they're done creating it.

If they are already logged in with an existing CodeCombat account, using the Class URL will convert them to a student and place them in your class.

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