Student with Ozaria (or CodeCombat) account that they use Google SSO with: If they are added to the teacher's google classroom using the same google account, and the teacher has imported the classroom to Ozaria (or CodeCombat), then the student on Ozaria (or CodeCombat) will automatically have this new classroom added to their account.

Student with Ozaria (or CodeCombat) account that they don't use Google SSO with: If a student already has a Ozaria (or CodeCombat) account and they use their username or email address to sign in (and it's not the same email address as their Google SSO), then they have two options:

  1. They can join their teacher's class using the Class Code that the teacher can provide.
  2. They can sign in with their Google SSO instead, but they will not have any saved progress from their existing account.

However, if their email address that they have on their existing Ozaria (or CodeCombat) account is the same as the email address of their Google SSO account, the student will NOT be added to the classroom automatically. These students can join the class by signing in with their email address and using the Class Code from the classroom. If the teacher requires the student to use their Google SSO to sign in, the student will first need to delete their account, then create a new account using Google SSO.

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