Ozaria is still in beta, meaning that content and many additional features are still being built - likely while you are reading this! This means that you might run out of Ozaria content for your classroom during the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year and will want to transition to CodeCombat content until we release additional units. While we have an implementation guide to handle this scenario, if you are looking for a more cohesive product experience, want to teach web development, or are teaching AP Computer Science Principles, you should continue to use CodeCombat.

If your class is more adventurous and your teaching style is more innovative, Ozaria will be a great fit. Each new computer science concept is introduced through a thoughtfully designed content progression that is built to sustain engagement. From coding puzzles that are scaffolded into short levels, to engaging cutscenes, formative assessments, character dialogue, and creative capstone projects, Ozaria is built to captivate and cultivate a love of learning.

Can't decide? You can try the first unit of both for free with students! Sign up at codecombat.com or ozaria.com.

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