Many teachers face the challenge of addressing different student needs in the classroom. CodeCombat helps solve this problem by providing scaffolds and differentiation to support students' learning.

We’ve built three new features to help smooth out the learning curve of students who find themselves stuck: Hints, Practice Levels, and Assessment Levels.

Hints come in handy when students are struggling with a specific level. Every level has a blue “Hints” button at the top right corner, which gives a more in-depth explanation of the level’s specific concepts and provides additional step by step examples of how to complete it.

Practice Levels
The second feature is Practice Levels, which help students get more experience with a particular concept if they are struggling. When the game detects that a student has struggled with a level, the game adapts by assigning a practice level so the student has more opportunity to practice the concept. This provides a personalized learning experience for each student, so they can move past concepts they understand quickly, and get more practice for concepts that are challenging.

Assessment Levels
Our newest feature is Assessment Levels. These levels ask students to take the concepts they've just learned and try to use them in a different setting.  On the student's side, these are called Challenge Levels. Every so often, we introduce a Combo Challenge -- these requires students to use multiple concepts together to solve a level.

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