We currently support Python and JavaScript.

Why should you choose Python? Python is both beginner-friendly and currently used by major corporations (such as Google). It is a popular programming language used in Data Science among other growing tech fields like Machine Learning. If you have younger or first-time learners, we strongly recommend Python.

Why should you choose JavaScript? JavaScript is the language of the web and is used across nearly every website. You may prefer to choose JavaScript if you are planning to also study web development. We’ve also made it easy for students to transition from Python to JavaScript-based web development. JavaScript’s syntax is a little more difficult for beginners than Python, so if you cannot decide between the two, we recommend Python.

What about other languages?
Teachers and administrators sometimes ask about C, C++, Java, and other languages from time to time. We would like to add more languages but do not have plans to do so at this time.

This could change if the demand for additional languages became greater.

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