Escape the Dungeon is great for beginning coders in 2nd grade and up or those graduating from block based coding. This tutorial should take a beginner middle school student about an hour to complete.  

Escape the Dungeon streamlines some of our current CodeCombat Introduction to Computer Science levels and gives players the ability to choose a hero, earn gems, loot magic items, escape ogre patrols, lava pits, and more all while typing real code.

 Build Your Own Game is also great for beginners in 2nd grade and up and should take a beginner middle school student about 1-2 hours to complete. 

Students will experience a selection of levels from Introduction to Computer Science and Game Development 1 which culminate in a new final project level called Game Grove, where students can create their own game and share it with their friends, family, or classmates. AWS Educate and Amazon Future Engineer teamed up with CodeCombat to offer DynamoDB within the game which allows students the chance to create code that records and displays their game scores. 

Build an Arcade Game is perfect for intermediate level coders in 6th grade and up or those comfortable with typing code. It should take an intermediate middle school student about 2 hours to complete. We recommend students complete either the Escape the Dungeon or Build Your Own Game tutorials before playing Build an Arcade Game tutorial. 

This is our newest CodeCombat level and a brand new offering to our Hour of Code tutorials. Students will find a selection of Computer Science 2 and Game Development 2 levels along with a final project where they can create their own arcade game that can be shared with friends and family. Learn more about our newest level for Game Development 2.   

CodeCombat Teacher-Led Activities offer a great offline option to educators who want to introduce students to Python and JavaScript. It also serves as a lesson plan for educators to help explain concepts learned in the other Hour of Code CodeCombat tutorials. In one hour, students can learn computer science concepts like basic syntax, strings, arguments, loops, variables, and more.

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